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Connection problems

Having trouble connecting to the Internet?
If you can't connect to the Internet, it's a problem with your dial-up account (or ISP) not our servers. If you have trouble connecting to your email or web site once you're on the Internet, it doesn't mean our servers are down. It could just be a problem with your ISP. (BT, Virgin, Freeserve, Demon, AOL, Telewest, NTL, etc are all ISPs.)

Usually you get an error message, the most common being 'Unable to establish connection. Please check your password and try again.' Make sure you have typed in the correct user-name and password, or that your PC hasn't mysteriously deleted it. It happens. Also check that it's in the correct "case". (i.e. upper or lower case.)

If you get this kind of error, check your ISP's 'Network Status'. They should say on their web site if there are any reported outtages or problems. Sometimes the information is not up to date so, if in doubt, telephone their support line. They're there to help. You should also check (periodically) that you are using the latest modem drivers. (Assuming you use a modem!) If not, it's a good idea to download them.

NB: The above notes are provided for your guidance only and are not meant to be definitive.

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