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Email Set-Up
Domain Name registration from .co.uk to .com

How to set-up Outlook Express.

We'll keep this deliberately simple. If you follow the instructions point by point, you shouldn't have any problems.

1. Click the Tools menu

2. Select Accounts

3. Click Add (on the right) then Mail.

4. The "Internet Connection Wizard" will appear.

5. Enter the name you want others to see when they receive e-mail from you and click Next.

6. In the Internet E-mail Address window, select "I already have an e-mail address that I'd like to use" and enter anything you like @ your domain name. For example: john@mydomain.co.uk or info@mydomain.co.uk. Ignore the bit about signing up for a Hotmail account. Click Next.

7. In the E-mail Server Names window, select the type of server you are using. The vast majority of e-mail servers are POP3, which stands for 'post office protocol' and this is the default in any case. Make sure it says POP3. Next, fill in the incoming POP3 mail server and the outgoing SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). The POP3 is mail.yourdomain.co.uk (or .com or whatever) and the SMTP is your ISP's SMTP. (Your ISP is the company you use to dial-up or connect to the internet. BT, Virgin, Freeserve, Demon etc are all ISPs.) If you don't know your SMTP, contact your ISP. For the sake of clarity, the incoming POP3 server is used to download your e-mail, the outgoing SMTP is used to send it. Click Next.

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8. In the Internet Mail Logon window, enter the user name and the password we assigned to you. Keep the password safe, write it down somewhere so you don't lose it. Be sure to tick the box to remember your password if you don't want to be prompted for it everytime you log-on to check your e-mail. Click Next.

9. Click Finish.

If you haven't made any mistakes like put a comma instead of a full stop, spelled your domain name or username incorrectly, or typed in the wrong password, you should have a working email address. Double check everything you've typed if you get an error. Most problems with email set-up are down to typing mistakes.

If you want to add a new e-mail account, repeat this process with your other account information.

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