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Domain Name registration from .co.uk to .com
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Do you want to transfer a domain name (or names) to Name Dropper?

When you wish to transfer a domain name to us, it's always best to email or call us so we can advise the most practical way of doing it, depending on which domain it is. Here are some guidelines for your convenience.

How to transfer a .uk name
If you want to transfer a .co.uk, .org.uk, .me.uk, .ltd.uk or .plc.uk to Name Dropper tell us by email
trans-in@namedropper.co.uk and we'll advise from there.

You have to either email or fax the current TAG Holder as follows. (Most TAG Holders will insist on a FAX.)

To: <whoever is currently the TAG Holder>

SUBJECT: Our domain name <insert you domain name>

Please transfer the TAG on our domain to NAMEDROPPER. If there is any reason why this cannot be done immediately please advise by return.

<must be signed by the registrant>

NB: TAGs are ALWAYS in CAPITAL letters. Our TAG is NAMEDROPPER. (Tags are also referred to as the IPS-KEY.)

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What is a TAG and a Tag Holder?
A "TAG" is an alphanumeric string used to identify the source of e-mail messages sent to the Automaton. The Automaton is the automatic system used by Nominet for all .uk registrations. Most TAG Holders are also Members of Nominet, though not in all cases. Using Nominet's Automaton, TAG Holders can request the registration of new Domain Names and make changes to existing Registrations within seconds.

What if the current TAG Holder won't respond?
Contact us at
trans-nores@namedropper.co.uk and we'll advise from there.

What if the current TAG Holder in uncooperative?
Contact us at
trans-prob@namedropper.co.uk and outline the problem for us. We'll advise from there.

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How to transfer .com, .org, .net, .biz, .info.
.coms etc are a bit more complex to transfer. The usual modus operandi of most Top Level Registrars is as follows. You or the receiving host must initiate the transfer request. The rules say when you transfer a .com, .org, .net, .biz or .info there is a fee, equivalent to one year's registration, but this extra year is added on to your registration in any case. The cost for transfer in this instance is equivalent to our fee for one year's registration: 15.00. If you are transferring a global name to Name Dropper, e-mail us
trans-global@namedropper.co.uk and tell us which name, we'll check the current WHOIS and advise from there.

How to transfer any other domain name
We can host any domain name whether it's .uk, .com, .uk.com, .tv, .ie, .it, .de or dot whatever. Just send us an email outlining the name or names you wish to transfer and we'll advise from there.

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