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ftp set-up
Domain Name registration from .co.uk to .com

FTP - File Transfer Protocol.

Once you have designed the pages for your web site, they need to be uploaded to our 'web server'. This is usually done by a program called FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

There are many types of FTP interface for transferring files between PC and server. CuteFTP is one of the easiest and most popular programmes. For more details on CuteFTP go here.

(You can of course use any FTP package you like.)


When you start-up CuteFTP it should ask you for a list of Site Settings.



Label for site:

 Type in a name for your site

FTP host address:


FTP site user name:

 The user name we send you

FTP site password:

 The password we send you

FTP site connection port:

 This can be left as 21



All your html files and scripts must be placed in the "www" directory. (They won't work otherwise.)

When you FTP into your account double click on your domain name. This will then show you "www" which you also double click on. All your html files and scripts go in here.

As a default PHP, Perl, CGI and SSI are enabled in your hosting account. If you are using perl scripts like formmail, you will need to set permissions, but PHP should work regardless.

For the sake of clarity, as a general rule, scripts need to be in the "cgi-bin".

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