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scripts (formmail etc.)
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Scripts (How to...)

All your html files and scripts must be placed in the "www" directory. They won't work otherwise!

When you first FTP into your account double click on your domain name. This will then show you "www" which you also double click on.

As a default PHP, Perl, CGI and SSI are enabled in your hosting account. If you want to use "formmail" and you don't have a copy, you can get one free here.

You must use the latest version. (Currently 1.91)
Anybody still using versions of FormMail prior to v1.91, must upgrade immediately. v1.91 plugs several more spam-related security holes. The Readme files at
Matt's Script Archive contain detailed installation and usage instructions that provide step by step user-friendly instructions.You should read these carefully (it's a good idea to print them out) and keep them by you when setting up your formmail.

The three most important fields.
The FormMail.pl script does not need extensive configuration to make it work. There are only 2 variables in the perl file you will need to define - @referers and @recipients - along with changing the top line of your script to match the location of your Perl interpreter. We refer to these three fields below. (Please study the Readme files on formmail if you are not familiar with the script.)

$mailprog = '/usr/sbin/sendmail -i -t';

@referers = ('yourdomainname','');

@recipients = ('you@yourdomainname');

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Permissions on formmail
Just right click on formmail.pl (you can rename it formmail.cgi if you prefer) and look down the drop down list until you see CHMOD. Click on CHMOD and set the permissions to 755.

We can install it for you.
If you can't get it working, we'll do it for you for 25.00.

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